Meet Brigid

At Brigid, we’re paying homage to contemporary American fare through the use of locally-sourced, quality ingredients and classic techniques — shedding light on dishes we love by pairing flavors that intrigue us. It’s not a reinvention of modern American food as much as it is an evolution.

We have a small menu of appetizers, salads and entrees that will rotate regularly and be prepared with precision in an environment that is intimate, elegant and comfortable.  Because we’re technical experts, we’ll be showcasing a variety of flavors in each dish. But everything with balance, restraint and consistency. We’re giving a nod to those who came before us while paving the way for those who will be here after us.

Come visit. Enjoy the sleek interiors — reclaimed wood, plush seats, warm lighting — and visit our connected sister bar, Francis Bogside, while you wait.

About our name

Brigid is the name of one of Ireland’s most highly revered saints. It’s a Celtic word that means “high” or “exalted.” It’s the way we feel about our food, our drinks and our service. We think you’ll agree.

Words by Maria Luisa Cesar

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